27 books for you to increase your understanding in the stock market.

Books about stocks

  1. Alexander Elder Trading for A living
  2. Chart Pattern by Fred Tam
  3. A Complete Guide to Price Volume Analysis by Anna Coulling
  4. Technical Analysis of the Financial Market
  5. Secrets for Profiting in the Bull and Bear Market
  6. Momentum Master
  7. Think Trade like a champion – Mark Minervini
  8. Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques by Steve Nison
  9. Trade like a stock market wizard – Mark Minervini
  10. Trend Following by Michael W. Covel
  11. Super Trader by Van Tharp
  12. The little book of trading
  13. Way of the turtle
  14. The Richard D. Wyckoff Method
  15. Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham
  16. Profiting from any market Calvin Chin
  17. The complete value investing guide that works by KC Chong
  18. The Systemic Trader by Collin Seow
  19. Winning the game of stocks by Adam Khoo
  20. Trading for dummies
  21. The snowball effect by Warren Buffet
  22. Learn to Earn by Peter Lynch
  23. The little book of trading
  24. Jesse Livermore World’s Greatest Stock Trader
  25. Confession of a hedge fund manager
  26. The little book of common-sense investing
  27. How to make money in stocks

Motivational finance books

  1. Why the rich are getting richer
  2. Rich Dad Poor Dad
  3. Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill
  4. Law of universal attraction
  5. Tony Robbins Money Master the Game
  6. The richest man in Babylon
  7. How to be rich by Paul Getty
  8. Principles by Ray Dalio
  9. Success System That Never Fails
  10. The secret clubs that runs the world

It is not by words what define who we are but it is from the action we take no matter how big or small. Living is a collection of choice that you make which will determine the course of your journey not only in this dunia but also the hereafter. Be thankful and accept for what was given but never cease to ask from the creator of this universe.

Izwan Aizil Ismail

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