I usually get a lot of question by my peers regarding investing. They usually want to know if stock investing is profitable? How long does it take to withdraw the money? Is it legit? How to begin? Some also dare to ask how much is my biggest loss and how much did I profit from the stock market. We’ll save that for our live portfolio later.

As you all know, investing is not easy, it needs effort to be able to trade and make constant profit. Thus, I will share the steps by steps on what you need to do before you begin investing in the stock market.

The first thing you need to do is to obtain knowledge.

It is not by words what define who we are but it is from the action we take no matter how big or small. Living is a collection of choice that you make which will determine the course of your journey not only in this dunia but also the hereafter. Be thankful and accept for what was given but never cease to ask from the creator of this universe.

Izwan Aizil Ismail

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