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Today marks a new day in my calendar as I finally rebranded my blog to my new passion; Finance! I am so into Personal Finance, Stock Investing and all those credit cards tips and trick right now. I’ve started mingling into finance in the year 2018 at the age of 20 when I started to read financial and self-help books. It was  a real eye opener to me as it suddenly opened my mind to a lot of other things instead of the normal lifeless kid I was.

Finance is a big thing in our life. It affects us in many ways and I’ve seen multiple times where broken families, broken relationships and broken friendships happens because of money. Money management is a crucial skill and knowledge but very few who learn and acquire it. Thus it is in my interest that I seek the wisdom from all my mentors whom are the author of the books on my shelf.

I’ve started dabbling in Malaysia’s stock market also known as BURSA MALAYSIA in early 2019 and has traded and invested for almost two years now. It was not an easy journey as i struggled alone experiencing the emotional ups and down of Mr. Market. Trading was a journey i sought; to be financially free after experimenting multiple ways to achieve the most wanted passive income. It was not an easy process as i had some point in my journey where  i lost hope, and believe me it was not only once.

I was a self learner in the stock market as I discovered new things along the way by diving into the market. It was a painful process (it still is) watching my capital reduces every time I pushed the order button. It was as if the market knew who I am and was never going to let me win.

I wanted to join all the seminars, the classes that was advertised by famous investors and traders in Malaysia but me being a student had not enough money to pay the entrance fee which would take all my capital away. Hence, my determination to read more and experiment more in the market rose.

The spirit in me never withers as I really wanted to succeed in this part of my life. I loved the book Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill which I think may have been the blueprint for the pinnacle of my success.

I rebranded this website to express my enthusiasm for the stock market and the world of finance. I wanted to share my journey as I upload videos and update my portfolio so we could all learn together. I know how hard it is to learn alone, hence this could be a new platform for new traders to discuss about any trades or any financial tips and trick for all of us here.

We were never taught about finance in school; despite it being the fundamentals of life.

My vision for this website is a platform where we could share knowledge in investing and trading. I would like to open a new trading journal for this website where I would share the fundamental and technical behind the stock picking, the trading plan, my portfolio and lesson learnt for each trade I made for the sole purpose of learning together.

Remember that I did not attend any classes except the free one which I could afford, hence all the things I say is based on books and videos I searched online with a tiny bit of experience. I am not a professional trader nor an investment guru, however my mission is to be consistent in making profits with the little knowledge I obtained through reading and experimenting.

I hope with the ignition of this website, it could sparked a wave of new young traders willing to learn to be financially free in the future.


Izwan Aizil Ismail

Disclaimer: All information in this website is for educational and entertainment purposes only.

It is not by words what define who we are but it is from the action we take no matter how big or small. Living is a collection of choice that you make which will determine the course of your journey not only in this dunia but also the hereafter. Be thankful and accept for what was given but never cease to ask from the creator of this universe.

Izwan Aizil Ismail

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