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Make your preclinical years the best years in your life that not only helps you to pass that professional exam but also puts you one step forward to become a good doctor in the near future with this 5 easy steps to ace your pre-clinical years in medical school.

Pre-clinical years in medical school is one of those critical years in your life as a medical student. I truly believe this especially if you’re in your first year, the year of adapting and finding what studying skills that floats your boat. Whether you are the one who prefers burning the midnight oil or the morning person, studying skills are the most important thing to learn to ace your pre-clinical years in medical school!

Here’s 5 Easy Steps to Ace that Pre-clinical years in medical school:

  1. Get to know the subject beforehand

Make sure you read about the topic before you enter your lecture hall! I know, what a huge commitment isn’t it? But, you’ll thank yourself the moment your mind started to finish the lecturer’s sentences. You will also know which topic to focus more that is the ones you don’t understand the first time you read about it.

  1. Focus, focus & focus!

After you have read about the subject, now it’s time to pay attention onto what the lecturer is saying during class. Strictly no sleeping! Remind yourself every day that if you sleep today, or “this one time”, you ARE going to sleep again the next day and the day after that. So, don’t put yourself into that vicious cycle.

  1. The after party

Now, you have read about the same topic twice, but you know? Third time’s a charm. Thus, make sure you read and write a short note that you can go back to when you needed to. Trust me, you don’t even have to write and re-write it all over again in order to memorize it. The next time you go back to that topic, it will be a smoother reading and memorizing.

  1. Be disciplined!

This could be the hardest part. However, nothing is impossible if you put your heart and soul onto it. Remember your goals and imagine yourself holding a scroll with the title Dr. in front your name, taking an oath during the white coat ceremony 5 years from now. Isn’t that something to look forward to?

  1. Teach!

Whatever knowledge you have, how little you may think the knowledge is, teach it to others. Believe me, you’ll remember a thousand times better. Heck, you won’t even have to memorize it anymore in the future. You will remember each and every detail that you have taught compared to just memorizing it for your own benefit. So, teach!

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