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Hey guys, so i have some people asking me about how i make my instagram stories interesting. Hence, today i’ll be sharing how i do my instagram stories so you guys can do better!

So let’s get straight to the point.

First, I brainstorm ideas about what i want to share with my instagram followers.

Watching videos on youtube and other famous instagram account such as JesseDriftwood can really help boost your ideas.  So take your time and plan well on what you want to share.

Next, use a DSLR to get high-quality footages.

I prefer using a dslr because i can control the fps (frames per second), the exposure and the stabilization of the footage . Certain phones do have the ability to take awesome footage, so if you have don’t have a dslr, your phone would be fine too.

The next step is to get out and shoot!

Don’t think of all those negativity thoughts such as,”i look stupid in front of people when trying to get those fantastic footages” or “nobody would want to see what i post”. A lot of people want to create amazing content and have very good ideas but i know a lot of them who quit because they are afraid of what others would say to them. So please don’t stop and let your ideas flow and share those great ideas with others!

As soon as I finish capturing all my footages. 

I would edit them in Adobe Premier Pro. There’s a lot of editing software out there but i personally really like using Adobe Premier Pro. Set the video composition to 900 by 1600 and then edit creatively. These are the steps i use in editing my videos.

1. Play some music so I don’t get bored while editing. (most important)
2. Open premier pro, import all my footages and sorts out the clips according to the flow i want by cutting unwanted footages and placing them on the timeline.
3. Place an adjustment layer and colour grade my footages.
4. Add some music and i’m done. 

These are the basics steps i use to make an approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute video for my instagram stories, it’s really easy and anyone can do it!

Apart from that, recently i watched a video on how to make really cool transitions for your instastory but i haven’t got time to do those things yet. So i’ll link the video here for you guys, if you want to try them first.

And this is a long 2 hours video by Jesse Driftwood himself on how he does his Instagram stories live! : Instagram Stories Workflow Live

Adios Amigos!