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Daus being our waiter for the night!

Hey guys, I’ve been busy lately with so many things to read for my exams. It’s very hard when you are not used to be using your brain to memorize lots and lots of things. To be honest I never really did memorize thoroughly for my exams in USM and depressingly the minute I entered study week all my spirits for the exams weakened and believe me it happens on all semester.

On my first three semester, my study week would be sleeping, watching tv, playing computer games and eat with barely spending enough time for studying and memorizing. No, it’s not because I have studied earlier, it’s just I can’t seem to let myself read the lecture notes even though I’m dead scared of not being able to answer my exams. Plus, the moment I’ll be getting my results from my mentor.
I have been reading this book lately entitled The Lazy Millionaire by Mark Fisher and one quote I look up to is “If I would have seen further, it was by standing on the shoulders of giants”. It means that to become more successful, you need to find a mentor.
Speaking of mentorship, about 1 and a half week ago, surprisingly i had joined a study group. I never could have imagined myself being in a study group since I always thought i would slow other people down because of my slow-memorizing process. And you know what, that was the first time I ever felt like a medical student. It was no longer fun and games, playing mobile games, sleeping as much as I like. It was an eye-opener for myself on how medic should have been like since my first year.
“If you guys asked me that one most important advice to study medical, I would certainly say join a study group!”
Studying at Lugano Cafe by Hayaki

So, currently i’m going through my study week now and it’s kinda hard since my taboo for study week is coming at me again. Allah give me strength. Anyways, tomorrow i’ll be going back to Ma’s house in Tanah Merah, Kelantan to break fast there with my family. I think a change of environment would help me get my spirits back, i hope.

That’s all for now i guess, 
Salam Ramadhan Mubarak,
Thank you.