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Brachial Plexus which came out in OSCE 1

Disclaimer: Brachioradialis Muscle is the actual name of the Posterior Compartment Muscle of the forearm)

Yeah! Semester 4 examination has finally finished! It feels like a really heavy burden has been lifted and now it’s time to take a good short rest before my professional exam which is after raya and i would never feel this satisfied after an exam without the help of all the peoples surrounding me especially my family, my batchmates and my study group, The Radiobrachialis!
As I said in before post, this study group had really helped me for this examination and I must make an appreciation post for them! Okay with that being said, first of all i would start with the history of the group and how it suddenly formed.
It all started during a field trip to the Food Lab where my PBL, (PBL 14) and PBL 13 (Ameera’s PBL) were chosen to go. During the return journey we happened to discuss about our study, how do we study, is it efficient and all that and some chit chat about life. It was then Ameera mentioned she had wanted to form a study group to revise for semester 4 examination. My first impression was, oh okay you could form a study group with Ameerul since both of them were the top students in class and would easily rise to stardom haha. Frankly, I never saw myself in a study group because I thought I would slow other people down and obviously never with one of the brightest students in class. So that idea vanished into the vastness space of the bus drooling into the dreams of sleeping students.
A few days later, after terawih I had a thought, which is I never really did study thoroughly and I would not remember what I read, and it was really frustrating especially when the exams were creeping near. So, I asked Firdaus, if he wanted to join if there was a study group and he said yes. Then I contacted back Ameera and we agreed to form this small little group together. 
Some people may be wondering why our group is named Radiobrachialis and here’s the reason why. During our group study about the Forearm, Firdaus was explaining the posterior compartment of the forearm and he mentioned the radiobrachialis muscle which was actually supposed to be brachioradialis. Ameera and I just nodded confidently agreeing to his statement. After a few moment later then only Ameera realized that Firdaus has switched the position of the name of the muscle thus it became the name of our group since we were just talking about other study groups having names, foods and so on. 
So, we practically studied every day, asking questions to each other, doing test on brachial plexus (which came out in the exams!), all the arteries of the body and of course eating late night supper during and after studying. It was really beneficial as we change question following the learning outcomes but most of the time it was Ameera explaining all the hard stuff that we didn’t understand and yeahh we understand clearly!
I realized that it was one of the best decision I have made so far, and it had significantly helped me in my studies. Thank you so much to Ameera and Firdaus for lending me a helping hand and i hope we can continue this study group until our final years and reminisce back the moments we studied together. 
Regarding to my exams, i think i did quite better than before as a whole although tears did actually drained after answering SBQ cause i didn’t do well at all, however like Hariz said, Kejayaan tu datang bukan dari apa yang aku jawab semasa exam sahaja, tapi Allah tengok jugak usaha-usaha sebelum ini, dan mana tahu Allah akan tunjukkan rahmatnya bila dapat result nanti. Insya allah.

As a conclusion. I would like to say thanks so much again to my study group, it really did make me “semangat” to study harder and i really appreciate so much all the things we had done together. Doakan yang terbaik untuk keputusan semester 4 dan berserah kepada Allah, apa-apa pon keputusan yang kita dapat, Allah dah takdirkan and it is the best for us. Thank you for reading.

In museum anatomy, studying the muscles
test on arteries of the body, guess who got all correct?
Late night supper! Somebody said it was really nutritious
The struggle of memorising at 3 a.m. becuase our cikgu nak tanya soalan ke esokan hari!
Ameera explaining pathology of bone tumours
This cute cat slept in the middle of our discussion
Dominoes for moreh, why not?
Ameera brought one roti john from the bazaar ramadhan forgetting we had 2 male members
Just had to post this picture again!
Currently our Whatsapp Group Profile Picture with the description “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeatedly day-in and day-out”