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29 May 2018
Let me mark this very meaningful date in my life.
To the one I’m referring to,
It was euphoric the first time we contacted each other,
We shared so many things in common,
And the memories we created was endless,
We met as a friend,
Shared our homework, did our tutorials together,
We would buy each other foods and secretly pass it during lectures,
Printed our palms on the printer and shared our problems together,
It was not long before we became close,
Both of us wanted to stop, 
But fate was tough,
We entered the world of love.
We lived in our own universe, 
Happiness was our close friend and we didn’t know sorrow,
We forgot about the reality,
That was going to take us apart,
Fights and endless arguments made us stronger,
We got to know each other better than ever,
Especially during the reconciliation where long texts were written,
And little did we know it will all come to an end
Soon silenced became a habit,
Nobody starts nobody talks,
We carried on our lives like nothing happened,
Until today when the story became viewed 
Now we know what is right and wrong,
We know our limits and boundaries,
What has become our utmost priority,
It is for the family above not the family-to-be
Time is absolute,
We cannot fast-forward things that we shouldn’t,
People say let go if you love someone,
If they come back, fate has been restored
Sayonara little one,
Maybe one day we’ll meet again,
Thank you!