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Lecture has never been worse. At some times of the day you just feel like you shouldn’t come to lecture just to further wasting your time playing your phone and sleeping. Actually there’s a reason why you feel that way so here are 5 reasons why lecture is so awful these days.
1.    “It’s really &$%& boring!”
You just can’t seem to understand what the lecturers are talking about, so you do other things to let time pass by. You try to understand but you can’t digest what you are learning. Yeah, it’s boring because you didn’t study beforehand about that topic. A good student gets the outline of the lecture before entering the lecture hall. Make a target of what you want to achieve during the lecture. Still bored?
2.     “Lecturers give super duper fast lectures! I can’t keep up!” 
You have read beforehand and start enthusiastically but when the lectures speed up the lecture, you feel demotivated. They always ask, “Do you understand?” And you will always reply “Yessssss”” cluelessly with that cliché intonation. Yes, I agree but there is a silver lining. Lecturers take time to teach about the important parts of the lecture and sometimes skips through the nice-to-know part due to time constrain. Got a tip for your exams yet?
3.     “Lectures are actually Mozart in disguise.”
You don’t know why but every time the lecturer holds the microphone, you start dreaming. It has become no other than an efficient lullaby. You tried opening your eyes as wide as possible, but it still won’t hold. You even asked your friends to give you a really good spa massage but to no avail and you keep on watching the clock asking yourself when will this suffering end. And yet you said you slept early?
4.     “Am I the only one who cannot answer the question?” 
This is one of the famous question you keep asking yourself. As you go through all the lecture with your beloved friends in the class, out of the blue they can even answer the question directly after finishing the lecture. There is a big difference between luck and ability. Excellent students do not get a prophecy of the answer, they study to reach that level. So you can too.
5.    “Lectures keep repeating the things I already know” 
That question will come out and you can’t answer. Don’t be bodoh sombong, period.

I always blame lectures thinking it doesn’t benefit me whenever i did not study well. But actually successfulness doesn’t come from others, it comes from ourselves and what we do to achieve it. Be the change you want to see in the world! A note to myself.. #SpreadPositivity #ChangeOurselves #Adapt